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LilyM Hats are handmade individual designs thus no two hats are identical.

In the case of (eg. matching bridesmaids) every effort would be taken to ensure that the chosen headpieces would be as identical as possible.

LilyM Hats are made from the finest quality textiles and are finished off with exquisite accessories of silk, feathers, flowers, crystals, netting etc.

Our designs are unique, and the fit, feel and number of ways a hat can be worn are all considerations in the design process. We can make hats that match and accessorise individual outfits.

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about us

I love my new LilyM Hat

My name is Colleen and I love my new LilyM Hat. I had been looking for something special to match my new jacket but could not find anything. When I saw the hat it was a MUST to complete my outfit. Look how well it matches (see picture above)  doesn’t it look great. 

Thank you LilyM Hats.
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